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GIO Cymbals launched with one goal in mind: to help drummers worldwide who were upset with breaking expensive cymbals when they just wanted to drum hard. We have accomplished that goal with our proprietary cymbal making process and make the STRONGEST and BEST SOUNDING cymbals in the world!

GIO Cymbals = Best Sound + Best Strength + Best Value = Best For Best

CEO & Founder drummer Ryan GIO demonstrates GIO Cymbals Definitive 14″ Hi Hats, 9″ Splash, 18″ Holey Crash, 19″ & 20″ Crashes and 21″ Ride:

GIO Cymbals are expertly designed in Los Angeles, CA and masterfully handmade & hand-hammered in Istanbul, Turkey to be the BEST SOUNDING & STRONGEST CYMBALS possible!

Featured in Modern Drummer Magazine!

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