Official GIO Cymbals Endorsed Artist
Charles “PLAGUE” Thomas

Endorsed Artist Charles “PLAGUE” Thomas of GRAVE ROBBER – Fort Wayne, IN!

Charles "Chuck" Thomas

Charles "Chuck" Thomas snare

31 years ago, he first picked up drum sticks. Almost 10 years ago, he received his first endorsement with Evan’s drumheads while on tour with Grave Robber. Almost 5 months ago he met Ryan Gio and, once again; history was changed. After answering an add on Craigslist of all places, while searching for a better cymbal from a better company, he fell in love with music all over again. Not only did Gio’s Definitive series go far beyond his expectations, but they far surpassed their reputation as Best for the Best. Their sound, resilience and feel leave no desire in musical applications unsatisfied. Now, armed with these new cymbals, “PLAGUE” is ready to take Grave Robber to a whole new level in 2020 and beyond in their service to The Reanimator. Stayed tombed, boils and ghouls; the future of horror punk/rock just got a lot brighter!
Rottweiler Records

GIO Cymbals
18” inch Definitive Crash
19” inch Definitive Crash
20” inch Definitive Crash
22” inch Definitive Ride
14” inch Definitive Hats
10” inch Definitive Splash
19” inch Definitive China

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