Official GIO Cymbals Endorsed Artist John Tedeski

Endorsed Artist John “JT” Tedeski of The REAL Bon-Journey! – Pittsburgh, PA

John Tedeski

JOHN TEDESKI of Pittsburgh, PA dual tribute The REAL BON JOURNEY
The Nation’s First Dual Tribute to Bon Jovi and Journey

John Tedeski has traversed most of the east coast in his 33 years as a professional drummer, having played and recorded with some heavy hitters in the music business, such as Randy Weitzel guitarist of In This Moment, Jaime St. James lead vocalist of Black ‘N Blue and Billy Morris former lead guitarist of Warrant to name a few.

He currently finds himself situated in the nation’s first dual tribute to Bon Jovi and Journey, established in 2006 – The REAL BON-JOURNEY! In his short time with the band, less than a year at this point, Tedeski and fellow bandmates have played to capacity crowds throughout PA, WV, OH, and IN while setting an attendance record at Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, IN with attendance peeking out at 3,800 surpassing the casino’s 2019 NYE festivities and Blue Oyster Cult.

Tedeski is a showman in every sense of the word and prides himself on his strong meter and deep grooving pocket. There is never a dull moment once the music starts.

“I am not a skilled, technical drummer. I am self-taught and I come from the school that music and entertaining go hand in hand. I personally don’t like to see a drummer just sit back there and just play the songs, it bores me, so that is why I chose to be an entertainer as well and timing is everything when sticks are flying, flipping and twirling, so that has all attributed to my sense of meter. The biggest compliments that I’ve gotten from other musicians who I’ve played with is on my rock solid timing and pocket, and in my humble opinion, without those two, songs just don’t flow like they should.” – TEDESKI

Current GIO Cymbals:
13” inch Definitive Hi-Hats
John Tedeski
17” inch Definitive Holey Crash
John Tedeski
18” inch Definitive Crash
John Tedeski

Note: More GIO Cymbals will be added in the not so distant future…
John Tedeski
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